UNBUILT: Issue 05

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Limited to just 250 signed, hand-numbered copies, Issue 05 is another step forward for Tom, Randy & Alex. Issue 05 been totally redesigned to feature new sustainable papers, typefaces, dimensions, and a die-cut cover.

Each and every copy features an insert signed by the UNBUILT team – Tom Bejgrowicz, D. Randall Blythe, and Alex Skolnick – as well as our brilliant and talented guest contributors, Chelsea Wolfe and Ben Chisholm.

Issue 05 is packed with fantastic features, including interviews with:

59 North Sailing about their recent Arctic passage.

• New York Times bestselling author and naturalist, Diane Ackerman (The Zookeeper’s Wife, etc.).

• Journalist, politician, and death metal vocalist, Danica Roem, an openly transgender member of the Virginia House of Delegates.

• Designer and merchandiser, Jeremy Dean (Wonders of Black Flag, House 33, etc.).

Additionally, Issue 05 includes:

• A photographic collage written and photographed by Chelsea Wolfe & Ben Chisholm.

• Our “Works Of Art” spotlight on Austin, TX-based painter, Anthony Hurd.

Also, every copy ALSO includes:

A one-of-a-kind instant exposure taken by Tom, Randy or Alex throughout Spring & Summer 2018 on the Leica Sofort camera. With images captured in locations as diverse as the Cayman Islands, New York City, and Lancaster, PA – Randy took many of his photos while on tour with Slayer throughout the United States. You’ll find big moments and familiar faces intermixed with quiet landscapes, busy skylines, and small, abstract moments. Oh, and all three photographer’s cats are represented as well! Instant images are mounted on the back inside cover of each issue and we’re happy to share these unique pieces with you.

Issue 05 is 8.5" x 11.125”, 32 pages, and printed by Spectrum Printers, Inc. onto sustainable, FSC-certified Sappi Flo Matte papers. UNBUILT remains self-published, ad-free, and ships worldwide at the ridiculous rates dictated to us by United States Postal Service shipping costs.

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