10/4/19: The new North Mississippi Allstars album, "Up and Rolling," is out today. My package design, teamed with Wyatt McFadden's photography, was a joy to create!

10/1/19: My design for the 50th anniversary of The Band's eponymous album (a.k.a. "the brown album") is available for pre-order and out on November 11th! 

09/12/19: I've added an "Alabama" folder of photographs. For the time being, this gallery contains NEW images only. Find it HERE.

07/05/19: I've moved down south again to Alabama but there's several design projects coming together for Fall/Winter 2019.

04/14/19: My package design for 59 NORTH's 80º NORTH book has sold out! 9" x 12", 160 pages, smythe sewn, hand-numbered hardcover edition of 250 with dust jacket, signed postcard, and visuals to die for – this is a beautiful beast.

01/11/19: My photography and package design for STEVE EARLE & THE DUKES new double album, Guy, is available for pre-sale HERE and comes out March 29th.

10/12/18: Issue 05 of UNBUILT, my magazine with D. RANDALL BLYTHE & ALEX SKOLNICK with guests CHELSEA WOLFE & BEN CHISHOLM is OUT on Monday, October 15! Also available HERE is a long-sleeve shirt designed by JEREMY DEAN.

The Band, The Band 50th Anniversary – Package Design 

Design & Layout.


Wadley, AL (2019)

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