2020: A ZINE

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NOTE: This project’s main purpose is being a fundraiser for the arts.

This is a collaborative DIY zine penned by five musicians from the hardcore and punk worlds and designed by five artists, all of whom are committed to social progress in the 21st century. From Trump and COVID to Black Lives Matter, culture wars and partisan politics, 2020 was arguably America’s most divisive and challenging year since 1968.

“2020: A ZINE” acts as a time capsule that honestly and passionately commits to paper the rollercoaster ride of emotions and events its authors experienced throughout the year, many of which resemble our own. Historically speaking, it’s important to preserve human stories—especially in the present, particularly in times of tragedy—so that we never forget what we endured and, most importantly, never let it happen again. 

“2020: A ZINE” features ESSAYS from:

• Christina Michelle (Gouge Away)

• Pierce Jordan (Soul Glo)

• Walter Delgado (Rotting Out)

• Eva Hall (Power Alone) 

• Jason Aalon Butler (Fever 333)

And DESIGN by:

• Tom Bejgrowicz (Man Alive Creative)

• Daniel Kent (Ikhoor Studio)

• Tim Singer (Studio Famous)

• John Yates (Stealworks)

• Jeremy Dean (Deansnuts)

Additional Notes:

• First edition of 500 copies

• Saddle-stitched 28-page zine

• Dimensions: 5.5” wide x 8.5” tall

• Additional design by Tom Bejgrowicz, remixed by Jeremy Dean.

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