02/22/15: New images in DEMOLITION BY NEGLECT from an autopsy theater on the grounds of a former state hospital on the east coast. More HERE.

02/10/15: My long-time friend, and photographic subject, ADAM D. from KILLSWITCH ENGAGE won the Showcase Showdown on Price Is Right today!!! Congrats, my friend!

02/06/15: The materials created for PCA&D's SEVEN ON SITE were designed by yours truly. SEVEN ON SITE delivers an exhibit featuring seven landscape painters, a panel discussion, and artist reception next month.

02/03/15: Tons going on as I work on STYX vinyl reissues and their slipcase box, the 40th Anniversary edition of GLEN CAMPBELLS's Rhinestone Cowboy album, album packaging for JASON JAMES' debut album on New West Records, the new GIANT SAND album, and a killer Record Store Day release for STEVE EARLE and the Devil Man himself. More soon!

12/05/14: After being shelved (forever?), I'm finally featuring photography I shot for Century Media and IN THIS MOMENT during the recording of their live DVD, BLOOD AT THE ORPHEUM. Check out a few of the images from that book HERE.

12/01/14: Splash page and home page images were taken at a series of buildings in New Jersey. For more, visit my Tumblr photography page HERE

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